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3 Ways to Boost Radiator Performance

These cast-iron relics from the early days of central heating are still remarkably good at keeping a house warm and cozy. If radiators are part of your home, TOH’s Richard Trethewey explains how you can improve their operating efficiency

Open-Shelf Upgrade

Turn an awkward nook into a handsome slice of storage using shallow shelves finished with gallery rails

Never Clean Gutters Again

Many products claim to keep gutters from clogging as tree debris falls, but few deliver over the long haul. After looking at—and living with—various gutter-guard options, here are the materials and construction we’ve found work best

Better-Behaved Berries

With autumnal red fruit in split yellow pods, Oriental bittersweet is oh-so-tempting to clip. But the prolific seed-spreader is highly invasive, so consider one of these ornamentals instead

WD-40 Best Practices

Ever since Water-Displacement 40th Formula was made available to the public in 1958, a spritz of the stuff has been a go-to fix for things rusty, squeaky, or stuck. While this proprietary mix of oils and solvents is remarkably useful, it’s not necessarily the best choice in all cases