June Is Garage Door Safety Month

Broken garage door torsion spring
This is an example of what it looks like when a garage door spring breaks. The springs job is to counteract the force of gravity on the door, making the door light enough to lift and lower. There are a lot of DIY projects that handy people can take on but if you or the handyman are not trained in garage door springs, it is not a job we suggest be done without a skilled and trained professional. Springs are under tremendous force and can be quite dangerous. Be safe and call an expert.


Inspect Your Garage Door System

Garage door components drawing
Every so often it is a good idea to inspect your garage door system. Test that your garage door opener is working properly, check your opener’s photo eyes are clean and properly aligned,and inspect your garage door for rust, warping, and other age-related problems. Your garage door has numerous moving parts, such as springs, rollers, tracks, hinges, and pulleys. Garage door lubricant can be applied to these parts. Garage door spring maintenance can be quite dangerous, so please call us if they need fixin'.

If you need to replace your garage doors, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our collection of steel, fiberglass, wood, and full view aluminum garage doors at

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Add Your Garage Door to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Wash garage door
Spring Clean Garage Door
The exterior of your home gets dirty too. To clean the exterior of your garage door, rinse off with a hose and then wipe it down using a wet sponge and mild dish soap, then rinse again. If the dish soap is not cleaning the windows, use white vinegar with newspaper to cut through the dirt and come out streak free.

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Garage Door Openers & Repair Conroe, TX

Garage Door Openers & Repair

Is your garage door opener near Conroe, TX driving you crazy? Coming home from a long day at work just to find that you can’t even get into your garage because of a garage door opener that has failed is a nightmare. So, what are the most common reasons that garage openers fail?

1. Electrical Component Failure
When your garage door remote shows signs of life, but neither the manual switch nor the remote can activate your garage door, then you should check the lights on the motor. If the problem continues, then the issue is a failure of an electrical component and needs to be handled by a professional.

2. Dead Motor
If the lights on the motor are dead, then your garage door motor unit isn’t receiving any power. Once you have checked to see if your garage door is connected to a power supply and checked your fuses or circuit breaker, you should call us at 936-870-5490 for garage door openers and repair.

Love Your Garage Door?

Can you imagine loving your garage door? Well, now you can! We offer a variety of Clopay garage doors to suit any home style. Browse through their Residential Door brochure at https://www.walkergaragedoor.com/residential-garage-doors or if you need help choosing we can help you with that. Call today 936-870-5490 and let us know you need help choosing the right style to match your home.

“Slate” Faux Wood Grain Finish Garage Doors

Clopay’s “Slate” faux woodgrain finish option is available on the Canyon Ridge®, Gallery® and Modern Steel garage door collections.  

Faux wood garage doors are a popular choice with homeowners who want the warmth and character of real wood without the upkeep.  This multi-dimensional finish that can appear rustic or modern, depending on the grain pattern and door style.  Thanks to the tri-color technology Clopay used to create the finish, Slate blends with a broad range of colors and materials.  Whether it’s paired with a white board and batten farmhouse exterior with black window frames, a traditional red brick exterior, or a light color stucco and stone, a Slate garage door adds texture, contrast, and personality to the façade.  Call today for an estimate for your now "slate" door! 

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DIY Bathroom Projects

I love diynetwork.com. There are so many creative and inexpensive ideas that just about anybody with a small amount of mechanical abilities can tackle. Take for instance this article at: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/rooms-and-spaces/bathroom/the-10-best-diy-bathroom-projects-pictures. Adding pendant lights, changing the floor and/or wall tiles, and swapping out your old hardware for new all seems do-able enough, right? I get sucked in to all of the ideas found on their site, it is like Pinterest, I can look and look for hours...but sometimes doing those little projects is a whole other story. Finding the time and energy or having the right tools to do my simple little project can take me away from tackling them or end up costing a small fortune in new tools. We have the tools and the know-how to tackle these projects and larger ones too. Don't let our name trick you into thinking we only do garage doors, Robert has been working in construction with his dad as a teen and his entire adult career. As a General Contractor, he is skilled at all levels of residential construction and can make your vision come true. Call us today to schedule your consultation at 936-870-5490.

Insulated Garage Doors vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

There are many things to consider when choosing a new garage door.  Today we will focus on some benefits of insulated garage doors vs. non-insulated doors.  Steel insulated doors are constructed with an exterior skin made of steel, a layer of insulation, and then either no backing (2-layer) or backed with vinyl or steel (3-layer).  The 2-layer doors offer a bit more stability over that of a non-insulated door, and the 3-layer models are not only more durable, they offer more R-value (the measure of insulation’s resistance to heat flow; the higher the number the greater the resistance to heat flow).  3-layer doors are generally constructed of materials that are more durable and the higher R-value helps boost the energy-efficiency of your home.  As an added bonus, the 3-layer doors are also considerably quieter than the 1 or 2-layer doors as well.  So, whenever you find yourself in the market for a new garage door, Walker Garage Door can help you to make the best decision based upon your needs. Give us a call at 936-870-5490.

Is Home Safety On Your Mind?

This picture shows how most openers light up your garage to LiftMaster's new WLED belt drive opener. It floods your garage with brilliant light making it much more difficult for anyone to hide in the shadows. For additional safety, we can install a garage door auto lock and you can connect it to the myQ app to receive notifications when your garage door is left open or opened.

Call us today to discuss your garage door safety options at 936-870-5490.


Introducing myQ® Family Share.

Now, share your myQ access with up to three additional people—without sharing your password. With the free myQ Family Share feature, securely and conveniently invite people to your inner circle so they can control and check the status of your myQ-connected garage doors and lights from anywhere. Simply open your myQ App and select “People” from the menu to get started.
Don't have a compatible device? We can help you. Call or visit us on the web at: 936-870-5490 https://www.walkergaragedoor.com/garage-openers

We Install Steel Sectional Doors On Barns Too!

Steel sectional doors are more weather resistant and much less upkeep than wood doors. If your barn is in need of new doors but currently has swing, slide, or no doors on it now, we can fix or create an opening to support new sectional doors. Most garage door companies do not have the construction know-how to re-frame your opening to retrofit a new sectional door. With over 30 years general construction and garage door experience, we have you covered. Call us today to quote your barn door project at 936-870-5490.

Do Y'all Just Love These Windows?!!

I sure do! We will be installing a similar door with these windows when it is time to upgrade our current door! 

Amarr Doors offer the "Americana" windows and My vote if for them to change the name to the Lone Star! What would you call it?

Follow this link and then click the image to check out the many door options to go with your new windows! https://www.walkergaragedoor.com/residential-garage-doors

There are many design options for the door style that would pair beautifully with these windows. If you want to boast your Texas Pride to all your neighbors, just give us a call and we will help you! 936-870-5490

How Do You Know When The Tension In Your Torsion Spring Is Off?

The main thing that you might notice is that the door is too heavy to lift or too hard to push down. Whether operating your door manually or with an opener, your door should roll up and down smoothly and with equal level of ease. You should never feel like you, or your opener, are fighting the door to go up or down. Sometimes the fix is to adjust the tension in the springs. This sounds like a simple task, and it generally is simple for a trained professional, but not a job we recommend you to take on for yourself. The garage door springs control the rate of speed in which the door travels and can end up coming down too fast. People, animals, and objects can become seriously injured or damaged if the door comes crashing down. We recommend you contact a local garage door repair company to inspect and service your door. If you live in the Conroe, TX area, we would love to help resolve your problems and would appreciate your call.

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